Big 4 Trail

The Thorntown portion of the Big 4 Trail is located in the heart of Boone County, originally named after Daniel Boone. In the late 1800’s the area was described as boggy and swampy at one time but had been drained for agricultural use. It is mostly glacial deposits. The trail is where the old Cleveland, Cincinnati, and St. Louis Rail Line used to be, or more commonly known as the “Big 4”. (C.C.C. and St. Louis, or New York Central Rail Line) On this linear trail rail road ties can still be seen on the sides of the trail. Thorntown is an area where French Traders and Native Americans first settled. Quaint houses and majestic old trees can be found in this quiet, calm small town.

The Big 4 Trail is a good example of part urban and part rural. Starting downtown, this trail is then lined with native and rare wildlife such as sage and cattail. It passes a pond and has a small trail down to the Sugar Creek River. North of Sugar Creek, the unpaved portion, is surrounded by farm land. Beautiful views can be seen from the Sugar Creek bridge. At both ends of the trail can be found park benches, a bike rack, and trash bins.
Come see all that the Big 4 Trail and Thorntown has to offer and experience a part of history in the making!
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